Do Cockapoos have health problems

Cockapoos don’t have more health problems than other breeds, and this might be something you were worrying about if you were considering purchasing a crossbreed. A lot of prospective pet owners have some serious doubts about procuring crossbreeds because they’re not sure if that means more health problems. The Cockapoo doesn’t usually incur the many […] Read more »

Do Cockapoos have dander

Every dog has dander, even if it has a non-shedding coat. Cockapoos are a low-shedding breed, not no-shedding. Every dog has a different dander count. Some crossbreeds have lower dander counts than others. The majority of non-shedding and low-shedding breeds tend to have dander counts that are lower than breeds that shed. Cockapoos are a […] Read more »

Do Cockapoos get on with cats

Cockapoos get along extremely well with other dogs, and cats too. They are highly sociable, and they can be dropped off at the dog park without fear that they are going to get into tussles with other dogs. Cockapoos will get along great with cats, but it’s usually the cats that will have problems with […] Read more »

Can Cockapoos be left alone?

Cockapoos shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time. They are extremely sociable, and they need a lot of attention and companionship. It’s just not fair to Cockapoos to leave them alone in a house all day. Plus, if you’re thinking of leaving them alone in the house to hold their toilet for 8-9 […] Read more »

Selecting a Cockapoo Puppy and Breeder

Before proceeding with your search for a good Cockapoo, we advise reading Larry Shook’s short book “The Puppy Report”. You may order it through the CCA from or check your local library. This will help you to be an informed consumer. There are breeders or puppy brokers selling any little mixed breed as a […] Read more »

Cockapoo Breed Standards

The CCA encourages all breeders to hold health and temperament FOREMOST. Calm and mellow disposition; sweet and patient nature; intelligence; loyalty; friendliness; sturdiness, stamina and good health. Additional physical standards: General: A dog that does not resemble either of the originating breeds. Unclipped/scissored in full coat has the general “Benji” appearance. Tail: Undocked preferred, carried […] Read more »

Cockapoo Books

The Cockapoo Club recommends these titles(books and videos) to help you raise, train, care for and just plain enjoy your dog. Click of the book title under the cover image to order the book from and support the Cockapoo Club of America while expanding your dog sense! For Prospective and New Owners: Read more »

Obtaining a Cockapoo

There are Cockapoo breeders located throughout the US and Canada.  This website offers suggestions for selecting a breeder and puppy in its information page on this topic. It is also very strongly recommended that you read Larry Shook’s The Puppy Report, before you buy a puppy.  The book can be ordered from through our website (click here). The […] Read more »

Frequently Asked Cockapoo Questions

Why Breed Cockapoos Beyond The First Generation? The simple answer is that as we breed to the Standards down the generations, we develop a replaceable dog and become a breed. 1st generation Cockapoos are not a breed but a hybrid mix commonly called “mutts.” Although a 1st generation Cockapoo should make a good pet, genetically […] Read more »

Cockapoo Club of America – Breeder Star Ratings

The CCA standards and breeder Code of Ethics have now been in place on the website for some time. For many years, Lt/Col Mary D. Foley, USA (ret), researched and found breeders all over the nation to try to accommodate the many calls that she got from clients from states outside of California. As a 17 year […] Read more »