Cockapoo Breed Standards

The CCA encourages all breeders to hold health and temperament FOREMOST. Calm and mellow disposition; sweet and patient nature; intelligence; loyalty; friendliness; sturdiness, stamina and good health.

Additional physical standards:

General: A dog that does not resemble either of the originating breeds. Unclipped/scissored in full coat has the general “Benji” appearance.
Tail: Undocked preferred, carried straight or curled.

Eyes: Large, round well-set brown eyes with a keen, soulful, endearing and intelligent look. Hair should be scissored back so as not to obstruct the eyes or vision. All breeding dogs should be certified annually by the Canine Eye Research Foundation as being free of genetic eye disease.

Ears: Medium to long

Dew Claws: Removed for safety

Conformation: A sturdy square build with a healthy back structure; compact, well balanced, neither spindly nor coarse.
Bites: Aligned bite with neither over or under bite. Level bites (incisors striking edge to edge) are acceptable but scissors bite (lower incisors striking just behind the uppers) is preferred. Overshot and undershot jaws are excluded from breeder registration.

Colors: All colors and combinations are acceptable.

Coat: Odorless and non-shedding. Long and full all over including legs and muzzle. Can range from loose curly but not kinky, to wavy to straight. Hair around the eyes should be trimmed so as not to impair the vision or ability to see the dog’s eyes. Long natural well-groomed coats are the most preferred but dogs that are scissored to about 2 or 3 inches are also acceptable. Individual pets not being shown can be groomed to the owner’s preference.

Size Ranges: Teacup Toy – under 6 pounds grown weight Toy – under 12 pounds Miniature/Mini – 13 to 18 pounds Maxi – over 19 pounds.

Disqualifications: Aggressiveness, shyness, genetic diseases, poor health, uncertain lineage.

SHOW STANDARDS: (planned for the future) will most likely judge 75% on disposition and health, 25% on physical. Additional points will be given to dogs that have proof of clearances for CERF and OFA certificates for hip dysplasia, patellar luxation and elbows.

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