Selecting a Cockapoo Puppy and Breeder

Before proceeding with your search for a good Cockapoo, we advise reading Larry Shook’s short book “The Puppy Report”. You may order it through the CCA from or check your local library. This will help you to be an informed consumer.

There are breeders or puppy brokers selling any little mixed breed as a Cockapoo because they know that they are so popular and hard to find. So be sure that you get what you are paying for. The more the breeder does, the better the warrantee and health and temperaments checks may be. For example, you can get a “bargain” pup from an ad in the paper for say “$200” and spend a $1000 dollars at the vet to get it healthy. But if you pay a higher price, say $750-1250 or more, you spend $0 at the vet and only have the ordinary maintenance expenses. So in reality, your $200 “bargain” may end up costing you $1200 and you may or may not wind up with a live, healthy and temperamentally sound pup. Whereas, you pay $750 or more to a good breeder who stands behind her/his pups and have no extra charges, are sure it is really a Cockapoo and will be healthy and temperamentally sound.

Before you travel your first impression is by phone or email and you can check a breeder out with the local Humane Society. Many times, interviewing over the telephone will either establish a relationship or raise your suspicions. Ask the breeder how long they have been breeding, about the temperament and health of the parents and if the parents are AKC registered or the pups traceable to AKC Cocker and Poodle lines. The breeder should be interested in learning about the type of home you can provide, about your history with pets, your familiarity with Cockapoos, ages of children etc. If all is going well at this point, you might ask the breeder to send a blank copy of their sales contract and warrantee along with any brochure they may have.

Ideally, the next step should be a visit to the breeders with your family. Sometimes this is not geographically feasible, in which case you need to rely on your feelings, obtaining and checking references from people who own the breeder’s pups and the reputation of the breeder. The visit gives you an opportunity to see the environmental and social conditions under which the puppy is raised, and is a chance for the breeder to get to know you and your children (if any) Pups and parents should be friendly but not overbearing or hyper, shy or depressed. They should be relatively clean and free of sores, look and act healthy, responsive and vital. Be sure to physically meet the parents and not just look at them in a yard or cage and ask the breeder if they have ever bitten anyone. If you do not like the parents, you are highly unlikely to get a satisfactory pup out of them. Sadly, some Cockers have been so inbred that they have a reputation for nasty and aggressive dispositions. Poodles have a reputation for neurotic and hyper behavior.

You can expect most breeders to have wormed pups and provided at least one shot before sale, release pups to new homes at 6 or more weeks of age or older and not ship in air cargo before 10 weeks of age. Please take the time to report visits to places with filthy conditions, unhealthy pups/stock or other signs of poor care to the Humane Society and to us. Any recommendations that the Club makes about breeders are based on positive client reports and in some cases, site visits by Club staff.

Females can sometimes be more easily disturbed by traumas in the family and it is best to choose a pup based on anticipated size and temperament, not on color or gender. It is inadvisable to get 2 pups from the same litter at once as they may bond to each other instead of to you. Get your second pup 3 or more months later and it is best to cross gender. The literature recommends first choice for a second pup to cross gender, second choice 2 males and does not recommend getting 2 females. The first two will get along and settle things, like who is top dog, the females may or may not get along and if they don’t may fight to the point of injury or worse. Opinions as to which gender makes the best pet reveal that most breeders and owners who have males say that they find them even more devoted and loyal than the female. With a male, you do not need to have the expense of surgery. Because we are a developing breed, we encourage all responsible owners with healthy and well-tempered males to keep them whole for possible stud service (an opportunity for you to either obtain the progeny of your beloved pet or collect stud fees or both). Some males may have a more pronounced “adolescence” because of high testosterone levels that soon level off. The male has had poor press about inappropriate mounting behavior but this is easily solved with good training and/or getting him a “humping pillow” that he can use in privacy. A small percentage of males being used for stud will display “marking behavior” around the house, especially when left alone. The few drops that they do emit are easily cleaned with a urine cleaner solution such as “Nature’s Miracle”, but the best solution is to crate the male when you leave. If he has a defect, by all means have him neutered.

It is highly desirable for the breeder to have regular ophthalmologic examinations of their breeding stock to certify that the dogs are free of a host of inherited eye diseases prominent in both the Cocker and the Poodle. This gives you a better chance of getting a pup that will not develop painful and expensive eye disease later on. Other tests such as those for potential hip and elbow problems as well as luxating patellas (a problem with the knees) are encouraged.

The breeder should be willing to give you a written guarantee and sales contract as well as written instructions to guide you in caring for your new puppy. An ideal contract will give you at least 4 to 7 days to get the pup to your vet to be checked over, and will cover the replacement cost of pup and vet bills if the pup develops an illness that can be shown to trace back to the breeder. This contract should also guarantee the pup to be free of genetic defects for the first year, minimum. Most breeders will offer a replacement puppy but remember – if a defect is detected after you have had the pup for a time, say 6 months, it is unlikely you will want to return it. It will already be a member of your family and you will be deeply bonded to each other. For most people it would be like trading in one of their children. So, read the contract carefully (obtain the contract and pup instructions ahead of time so you will be able to examine and suggest changes that you want). Also inquire about keeping in touch with the breeder after you have the pup at home. All good breeders will want to know about the pups they have bred, and be willing to help you along with minor questions.

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  1. Gitte Pope says:

    We just lost our 14 year old family dog and are looking for a new dog. We are interested in a cockapoo mix. We live in the bay area but will drive to pick one up.
    Gitte Pope

  2. Nathan Bush says:

    We are looking to get cockapoo for our household!
    My wife and I feel that this will be the right breed for us and our children who are 4yrs. and 8yrs.

    They have been bugging us for a year now for a dog, and have been very understanding about waiting. My wife and I have decided to surprise them this Christmas with a puppy. Upon doing some research I have realized that finding a breeder needs to be a careful task. Can you please help?
    For we do not know where to start looking!!

    We live in NE Ohio. 44644
    Please respond by email

  3. daniela says:

    we are looking to get a cockapoo for our household for Christmas. Please help me locate a reputable breeder. thanks,

  4. Jennifer says:

    I am looking for a cockapoo puppy for Christmas! We have 2 kids and feel like it’s finally the right time. We are in south Louisiana and would love some help finding a reputable breeder! Thanks, Jen

  5. Philip says:

    I would like to get a apricot male cockapoo. I am in Washington DC . Thanks. Philip

  6. Carissa Millett says:

    Looking for a reputable cookapoo breeder…we live in NY.

  7. Looking for VERY reputable breeder. I live in North Florida but will travel within the state. Would be acquiring puppy in June of 2014.

  8. Carolyn says:

    Looking for a reputable cockapoo breeder. We are in the NY Metro area but willing to travel up to 4-5 hours.

  9. Julie says:

    We are looking for a reputable cockapoo breeder and don’t know where to begin. We live in Nebraska but can travel willingly. Thank you!

  10. Eric says:

    My cockapoo was stolen and i am looking for another one. I live in Philadelphia and i willing to travel to get one.

  11. Jim says:

    My wife and are seeking a buff colored cockapoo puppy, we are in Richmond, VA if there are any breeders in that area. I’m looking for breeders that have purebred mom and dad and either have been certified through OFA or come with a health guarantee. thanks

  12. abigail says:

    We are looking for a cockapoo puppy that is about a year old. We live in colorado. Please contact us if you have an available cockapoo puppy.

  13. abigail says:

    Contact us at 7203829825

  14. Mark Rodenbeck says:

    WE are looking to purchase a cockapoo. We live in Centennial, CO.

  15. Brenda Hill says:

    Hi, we are looking for reputable mini cockapoo breeder. Can you please help us out? Thanks. Brenda

  16. Donna says:

    Please email me with breeder info in North Eastern Ohio. Youngstown/Akron/Cleveland area.
    Thank you

  17. Susan says:

    I am looking for a quality cockapoo breeder in the northeast region

  18. Mikee will be 1 in March. He’s a maxi – about 20lbs with very long legs (great if you want to take him running with you. He needs lots of attention.

    I have two mini girls – Maddee is black with a white patch on her chin and chest and will be between 8-10lbs, Red or CeeCee is dark apricot and will be 7-9lbs.

    michels at winfirst dot com (replace the at and dot)

  19. Tammy Glasscock says:

    I am looking for a female cockapoo puppy for our family. We are looking for reputable breeders in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Please send me any information you may have to my email address

  20. joanne says:

    We r looking for areputable breeder in the Buffalo Rochester,Syracuse area.wehave just lost ourbeloved cockapoo,thislast week.the love that she gave us was unbelievable.We miss her so

  21. Katie says:

    I would love to find a reputable cockapoo breeder. Please e-mail me if there is one in the Denver area(or within an hour or two). Thanks!

  22. Fred says:

    We are looking for a reputable breeder in the NE Ohio area. We had to put our 14 year old down and our other cockapoo is depressed and needs a friend.

  23. Fred says:

    We are looking for a reputable breeder in the Ohio area. We had to put our dog down and our other cockapoo is depressed and needs a friend.

  24. Kristen Newman says:

    We are looking for a reputable breeder in the NY tristate area. Please email us with any names you have.

  25. Dennis Plummer says:

    We are looking for an approved breeder in the northwest
    Ore Wash Idaho Montana Wy. Etc Thank you for your reply

  26. Wendy Hall says:

    We live in the Sacramento area and would appreciate any names of approved breeders in Northern California. Thanks for the help.

  27. Jim Stuckey says:

    I live in southwest Florida and am interested in purchasing a 1-2 year old cookapoo. Sex doesn’t matter. Any recommendations?

  28. Susan Hernon says:

    We had a cockapoo that was amazing. We are looking for another dog but don’t want to try to replicate him. Does anyone know of a breeder of larger dogs about 35 lbs? Perhaps a standard poodle, cocker spaniel mix.

  29. Mary Anne Perry Berner says:

    I will soon be looking for a buff colored female cockapoo. Years ago, Josie M. connected me with Wildwind Kennels, N.D., where I flew to pick up a lovely, loving pup. My dog is 13, now, and slowing down. Time to look for a reputable breeder and get on the long wait lists. Please send me your current breeder list.

  30. Tyson Kidder says:

    We live in Washington DC and have two kids who are asking for a cockapoo. Please send me any information you have on reputable cockapoo breeders in the mid-Atlantic region. Thanks!

  31. lily says:

    We live in Washington State and are looking for reputable breeder for cockapoo. Please send me some recommendation!


  32. Stacy G says:

    We are looking for a buff colored female cockapoo puppy in Midwest area(Illinois, Iowa, WI, Indiana). Please send list of recommended breeders. Thanks.

  33. nancy beck says:

    Retired couple looking for an adult male apricot or buff colored cockapoo.Would be willing to travel anywhere in Midwest to bring home the third member of our pack.

  34. Dan D says:

    We are looking for a reputable breeder in florida. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  35. Pally Smith says:

    Looking for cockapoo breeder in NY, MA, PA, CT or SC

  36. Linda Williams says:

    We are looking for a cockapoo breeder in Dallas TX or within a few hundred miles of Dallas. We lost our dear cockapoo of 14 years last month.

  37. Robin says:

    I am interested in a recommendation of a reputable cockapoo breeder in the Denver Colorado area. I am willing to drive to surrounding states if necessary. Thank you.

  38. Anne Oeswein says:

    Looking for reputable Cockapoo breeders. We live in North Houston but are willing to drive up to 4 hours in any direction. Or reputable breeders in Louisiana (Shreveport, Monroe, Baton Rouge, New Orleans). Thank you!

  39. patricia kudrick says:

    Please help us find a reputable breeder for a first
    generation cockapoo. I have had two and can’t get over the loss of my second one last summer. We live in N.J. and will be moving to S.C. sometime this

  40. Vrushali Chavan says:

    Hi I am looking for a good cockapoo breeder in VA or anywhere around. Can you please suggest a good breeder? Thanks.

  41. mary d foley says:

    My female Cockapoo just died and I am looking for a rep lacement companion for my 7 1/2 lb male. Is this the official website for the CCA headquartered in Christmas Valley OR? I am in CO now but will be travelling west in my motor home this summer.

  42. Christian Betancourt says:

    Hi I am looking for a mini cockapoo puppy , my family and I are moving back to our other house by December that’s around the time I would like to have mine! Please email me at

  43. nancy beck says:

    If this is the official web page for the AKC cockapoo association, I would like to report a breeder who is operating a “puppy mill” in Missouri and advertises on the internet.I’m sure potential buyers and the official cockapoo association will want to know.Contact me,please.

  44. Mike says:

    would like to find the reputable cockapoo breeders in SW Florida, e-mail me please, thank you

  45. Mike says:

    would like to find the reputable cokoapoo breeders in SW Florida, e-mail me at thank you, Mike

  46. Mike says:

    looking for cockapoo pup in SW Florida, reputable breeders only. thank you ,, call 239 571 5017,,, Mike

  47. Bekah says:

    We are looking for a reputable breeder in Washington state for cockapoos

  48. Cari says:

    Looking for a reputable breeder in Ohio. Thank you!

  49. Debbie says:

    looking for reputable breeders in Louisiana. We have been looking at purchasing a cockapoo for a year now…. pls email thx you

  50. Tammy says:

    Looking for a reputable breeder in South Carolina. Thank you!

  51. margaret says:

    looking for reputable breeder either Md.,Pa., or DE. Thanks.

  52. Tom says:

    Looking for a reputable breeder in the NY metro area.

  53. Hi Margaret!
    I saw your request for a breeder in PA, and I think I might be able to help you out! I currently have 2 cockapoo puppies available, Hunter(male), and Harper(female). If you are interested, please call, email, or visit my website. Hope to hear from you soon!

  54. toni says:

    Hi. I’m looking for a reputable breeder of cockapoos in or near Grand Rapids Michigan

  55. Yvette York says:

    I traveled to delaware for the weekend and ran into a young woman who keep her jet black cockapoo on campus. Me loving dogs travels back to NY with the dog but really can not take care of him. If interested please email me.

  56. David says:

    Looking to purchase a cockapoo puppy from Jan’s cockapoos in New Jersey. I saw her listed on your breeder list. Any feedback positive or negative would be greatly appreciated. Please email response.


  57. Louise says:

    Looking for a reputable breeder in Southern California.

  58. Debra says:

    Looking to get a girl cockapoo, cream or red shades
    in Va. at a decent price.

  59. Louise says:

    Looking for a reputable cockapoo breeder in Southern California.

  60. Deborah says:

    Looking for a reputable breeder in Massachusetts. Please advise breeders :) Thanks!

  61. Courtney says:

    I am looking for a reputable breeder in the Midwest. I live right outside of Chicago, but I am willing to drive up to 4 hours to get a well bred Cockapoo. Please advise me on this.

  62. Dawnya says:

    I’m looking for a reputable breeder in the Midwest. I live in the St. Louis area, but I’m willing to travel to neighboring states. Would love some advise. Interested in a buff or red male around Christmas time.

  63. Jeff T says:

    We are looking for a reputable cockapoo breeder in the Chicago area. Please let us know. Thanks

  64. Jen says:

    I’m looking for a reputable breeder in CT or MA.

  65. Nickie Pandya says:

    I am living in Charlotte, North Carolina and looking for a reputable breeder within 2-3 hours drive. We would like a puppy in the new year. Please email me. Thanks

  66. David Myers says:

    We are looking for a Cockapoo in the December time frame–Denver area. Much Thanks!

  67. Raeleen Yoon says:

    We live in Boston and are looking for a reputable cockapoo breeder within a 2-3 hour drive. Hope you can help us.

    Thank you very much,

  68. Pamela saras says:

    Just lost the love of my life to a genetic liver disease at only 3.5 years old and can’t imagine life without a dog. Looking for a reputable breeder in MA or New England area.

  69. Nancy says:

    I am looking for a reputable breeder near Seattle in WA state and am willing to drive 2 hours.

  70. Janet says:


    We are looking for a cockapoo puppy in the WNY area.

    We will travel up to 150 mikes.

    just need to find a good breeder!


  71. maria says:

    Looking for a reputable breeder in So CA or AZ . Oct 2014 or later.

  72. Noah says:

    We are looking for a reliable cockapoo breeder in NYC area (we can drive up to 3 hours) and are looking to buy a puppy ASAP.

  73. Cindy Bushey says:

    Looking for a female cockapoo puppy. I prefer apricot, red or combo. I had an apricot male who died 2 years ago. I would love to find a reputable breeder.

  74. David says:

    I am looking for a reputable cockapoo breeder in Tennessee. We live in Jackson and are willing to drive up to 4 hours in any direction.

  75. Kelly says:

    My family is looking to get a cockapoo puppy from a reputable breeder. We live on Long Island and willing to drive 2-3 hours. Please advise who you recommend

  76. Jeff says:

    I had a great experience with lmpoo in PA.

  77. Jeff says:

    We are from Long Island, but traveled. Charlie has a great temperament and has been very healthy. Worth the trip!

  78. Julie Love says:

    Im looking for a puppy female brown/choc cockapoo ASAP! Just lost my dog to unexpected cancer and I want to get a cockapoo as soon as possible!

  79. John Haller says:

    Looking for a reputable breeder in the Chicago area. Please contact us.

  80. C. Kopca says:

    Just lost our 12 year old cockapoo. Please tell me of a breeder near NW Ohio.

  81. Roci says:

    I am looking for a reputable cockapoo breeder in Colorado. Please help me to find one I will appreciate so much

  82. Atchy Gim says:

    I am looking for a reputable breeder in the MD, DC, VA area. Please suggest some breeders.

  83. Jeffrey says:

    I’m looking for reputable cockapoo and reliable breeders with a strong dedication to animal welfare in the NYC-tristate area. Please suggest some!

  84. Matt says:

    We are looking for a breeder in the Washington, DC metro area. Please post if you know of a reputable breeder. Thank you!

  85. Neala says:

    Any breeders in the NY/NJ/CT or PA area? We live in NJ but would travel a bit for the right dog.


  86. Julie says:

    I am looking for reputable breeders near Portland Oregon. We would like a cockapoo puppy.

  87. heather says:

    Looking for breeder recs. in Bucks County, PA area. PA, NJ/NY/MD area. Appreciate any help on this. thanks!

  88. steve says:

    looking for breeders in Florida. We would like two puppies

    thank you

  89. Mike says:

    I am on Long Island and looking for reputable and reasonable Cockapoo breeder in the area. I’m willing to travel a reasonable distance in/just beyond tri-state area. We recently put down our 5 yr old Cavabichapoo due to a lymphoma and are looking for a companion for our Cavapoo. Thanks

  90. Nicole Merz says:

    Looking for a cockapoo breeder in the Kansas city area.

  91. Charmayne says:

    We are looking for reputable cockapoo breeders in central Florida area. Interested in buff/cream/apricot colored male. Thanks.

  92. Dan says:

    Looking for reputable cockapoo breeder in Florida.

  93. Dan says:

    Please send info on Florida breeders to Thank you.

  94. Eva says:

    We are looking for a reputable cockapoo breeder in South Florida. Please help.

  95. Karen says:

    We are looking for a small cockapoo breeder in Northern VA. please help? Thanks!

  96. Lindsey Davidson says:

    Looking to buy a cockapoo puppy and in touch with Jan’s Cockapoos, a breeder in NJ. Does anyone have information – good or bad? Please share!

    Thank you!

  97. Jean Louise says:

    Very interested in a reputable Cockapoo breeder of 1st generation cockapoos near Minneapolis, MN. Have had 4 in the past ( one currently) and love the breed…
    Good home….lots of space to run and play.

  98. Denise Windham-Green says:

    Interested in a reputable breeder of Cockapoo 1st generation near So.Oregon or No.California.
    Thank you,

  99. Jenna says:

    I’m very interested in getting a cockapoo puppy, if you could point me in the direction of a reputable breeder near Cincinnati or within a few hours of there that would be very helpful. Please email me.

  100. loli says:

    I am interested in a cockapoo puppy either apricot , brown or black, no older than 13 weeks, from a reputable breeder. I live in the New York city area and I am willing to drive into NJ or PA to visit a breeder. Please email me with any information
    Thank you

  101. Sheri says:

    Looking for a reputable breeder in New England

  102. Jim says:

    Hello, I am in Rhode Island and looking for a cockapoo pup. I prefer to get puppies 6-8 weeks old, and would like to see the pup and parents rather then just seeing pics. Looking for a pup that will be 20lb ish. Pup will be for my 9 year old daughter, who loves dogs. We have a house in the woods with 2 acres of land to play on.

  103. Sandra says:

    We lost our beloved 13 year old Pug last year and are finally reday for a new puppy for our family. We live in Nj and are looking for a breeder who might have puppies available July or August. Please email me with information if you are a breeder with healthy puppies ready around that time.

  104. Ginger says:

    I am looking for a cockapoo rescue group in the Seattle Washington area. Finally feel it might be the right time to love and care for an adult rescue cockapoo. I have not been able to find a cockapoo club or rescue group in my area. Please help!

  105. Irina says:

    Looking for a Toy Cockapoo 1st generation.
    Live in NJ. 8-9 weeks male puppy would be preferred.Looking for a reputable breeder.

  106. Alanna Johnson says:

    We are looking for a 15lb or under cockapoo pup. We would like a docked tail but it is not an issue if it isn’t as the size is more important. We had our cockapoo for 10.5 years and he has passed from cancer. We have started the search and seem to be having a hard time finding a breeder who will meet our requirements. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and can’t seem to find any pups in the area. We are located right above Montana and go there regularly as we have a house there. You can text me 403-874-7859 or email me – which ever is easier for you.

  107. Barbara Thorsen says:

    I am trying to contact country holler kennel, but can not get reply. Can you please help. I have tried to call and email, no good. Help my cell 434-962-5990

  108. Michele Forsyth says:

    I am looking for a reputable breeder in Maryland or Pennsylvania. Any help would be appreciated.

  109. Kristin Mitchell says:

    I have recently lost my beloved 11yr old pit bull to lymphoma. I called him my poodle in a pit bull suit. Originally I was looking for a poodle at my local shelters & was never able to find one. (Mostly pits in my area shelters). I started volunteering and offered to foster this runt pit dropped off at the shelter very sick. With the shelters promise of receiving the first poodle to come in.
    Well you know the rest of the story. I fell in love with my foster. Never got a poodle. I educated myself on everything I could get my hands on about training, dog instinct / behavior & having him professionally trained . He was the sweetest guy ever with all people and dogs he knew. He went to day care and parks without problems until about 5 years of age when he and I were attacked by a large Chow. After that I felt fear whenever we came across other dogs that were off leash and we didn’t know them. No matter how hard I tried I know my energy was most of the problem. I just couldn’t overcome the fact that he could really hurt another dog if it ran up to us and surprised either of us and he picked up on my fear and lack of control. He could be over protective.
    My thoughts now are to find a smaller dog that has a better reputation of getting along with other dogs. One that I can be more confident with around other dogs.
    I live in the HamptonRoads area of VA. (Suffolk). I would travel up to 200-300 miles to find a breeder of the HIGHEST reputation. With the best breeding practices that I’ve read about in I understand the $$$$ involved.
    Please help. 757-409-8496

  110. Susan says:

    Hi looking to get a cockapoo girl. Would like to find a reputable breeder. We are in the PA area. Willing to travel and willing to wait for the right dog.

  111. Corinne says:

    Looking for a standard size Cockapoo, larger is good with us. We lost our 11 year old Golden and would like a smaller but not miniature dog that sheds a lot less then Bella did. :) We have a 3 year old and keep reading about how wonderful these dogs are with kids! We are in the CA Bay Area and would like to find a local breeder who raises their puppies with their mother in a home setting.

  112. Hillary Swithers says:

    Looking for a family dog. We are interested in a cavapoo or cockapoo. Would like a reputable breeder. We live in Saratoga Springs, NY. Willing to travel with 250 mile radius. Thank you for the help.

  113. Marcy Lane says:

    Our Cocker Spaniel died two years ago Christmas. She was 14 and 1/2 years old. I’m looking to rescue a young Cockapoo that would be ok with two friendly cats and two little grandsons. I’m retired and can’t afford the good breeders prices.

  114. Soma Kovoor says:

    Looking for a good cockapoo breeder in dallas fortworth area or in the state of Texas. Interested in buff or cream or any color other than black.

  115. Sandy Schlukebir says:

    I’m looking for a reputable breeder of mini çockapoos near the Grand Rapids/ Kalamazoo, Michigan area. Thank you!

  116. Sandy Schlukebir says:

    Do you have a list of reputable breeders of mini çockapoos in the Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, Michigan area? Thank you!!

  117. Alanna says:

    I’m looking for a standard cockapoo (larger is best) breeder in or near MS. I’m willing to travel to Al, La, Tx, Tn, or Fl. I’ll be a first time pet owner looking for a sweet pet to love on!

  118. Mystical says:

    Please let us know for a good reputable cockapoo breeder in Tampa area or in the state of Florida. Interested in buff or cream or any color other than black.

  119. Sharon Renfro says:

    We are looking for a cockapoo breeder in the Houston, Austin, Texas area. I read about 1st or 2nd generation breeds and would hope this would give me some peace of mind after losing our beloved 9 1/2 yr cocker spaniel to congestive heart failure. Have had 7 blonde cockers over my 64 years.

  120. Alyx says:

    We live in Canada and are looking for a cockapoo breeder. Please message us by email with any information that will help us to find an amazing breeder who will match us with our healthy and friendly dog.

  121. Mia says:

    Moderator – please remove my post. I have found a home for my cockapoo. I cannot get an email through to you. thank you.

  122. Tanya Bond says:

    Looking for a responsible and reputable Cockapoo breeder in California. I live in southern california, but am willing to drive. Thank you.

  123. maureen romano says:

    we are retired and looking for a cockapoo puppy in the western PA area. We lost our cocker spaniel several years ago and want a darling new dog that we can care for.

  124. maureen romano says:

    We are searching for a darling new cockapoo puppy in the Western Pa area. As a retired couple we have a wonderful home for him

  125. Erika says:

    Hoping to find a reputable cockapoo breeder in the Midwest- Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, or Michigan. Looking for an experienced, caring breeder to provide a cockapoo with good health and a great temperment.

  126. M&M says:

    Hoping to find a reputable cockapoo breeder in the Midwest – ND, SD, MT, MN, WI. Looking for an experienced, caring breeder to provide a cockapoo with good health and a great temperament.

  127. How do we add our cockapoo kennel website at to your index?

  128. Don biondo says:

    We are looking for a cockapoo or similar dog. But one that is one year old or older we are on g time dog owners and lovers. Our springer recently. Passed. We live in upper mid west. Mich

  129. Don biondo says:

    Don biondo. My phone is 2482595150

  130. Carlene says:

    Looking for a dog for a beautiful retired couple.. They recently lost their dog of 16 years (family pet).. They are wanting a young dog or pup to join their loving household. They have asked me to help them on their search.. We are in Washington State. Please email me if you have any pups, young dogs, or a dog needing placed. They are wonderful people and this dog WILL be so very loved! :0) Thanks..

  131. Rich says:

    Would like to know of good breeders in So Cal. Lost our cockapoo 3 yrs ago at 18yrs and just lost our golden retreiver las week to cancer. Let me know. Thank You!

  132. Carol Bahoric says:

    Thanks to Josie M we had a wonderful cockapoo for 16 years. Looking to get a cockapoo puppy in So. Cal. Live in 90064. Carol

  133. Connie says:

    Just lost my 14-1/2 year old cockapoo and am looking for a reputable breeder in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Illinois. Also would be interested in rescuing or adopting a retired Momma or Pappa depending on size and temprament, live in the Cleveland area, Connie

  134. ellen says:

    March 2017–Looking for adult (over 2 years) cockapoo for our family; reputable rescue group or breeder in PA, OH area. thanks

  135. Katie says:


    Looking for a reputable cockapoo breeder in Utah. Thank you, Katie

  136. Helvey says:

    Any recommendations on Jan’s Cockapoos in NJ? Reputable? Well-cared for and properly raised? Healthy pups?

  137. Becca Hall says:

    Hi, I’m Becca, I’ve been looking for a cockapoo puppy for a long time. It’s been hard to find trustworthy and reliable dog breeders but…Im hoping to find an F1 cockapoo preferably with a fleecy coat. The coat colors im interested in are Buff, chocolate, apricot, red, or sable. I would prefer a cockapoo that weighs under 20 lbs. I’m interested in buying a puppy in late October to early November. I live in an apartment for now with my fiancée and I plan to bring children into the picture. I live in Casa Grande Arizona. Please contact me by phone, thank you! If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them. Have a nice day! (520) 371-1735

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  139. Deborah Lynch says:

    We just had to say goodbye to my angel cockapoo Chloe after 19 beyond wonderful years. She was my third. Best breed in the world. Now looking for a new angel. We live in the Baltimore area but are willing to go anywhere within reason, especially for an adult (or at least trained) cockapoo. PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!

  140. Kathy Janes says:

    I was given information to register (not AKC) my cockapoo puppy, but I cannot find anyplace to do so.
    Please help.

  141. we raise top of the line Cockapoo puppies!

  142. Anonymous says:

    Any recommendations of how to find reputable breeders? Does it help if a breeders is on the American Cockapoo Registry?

  143. Linda M. says:

    Do you know if Lillian’s cockapoo home in Dallas is a reputable dealer

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    I am not sure how to “Join Today”! Your website is loaded with lots of useful and great information!

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