Obtaining a Cockapoo

There are Cockapoo breeders located throughout the US and Canada.  This website offers suggestions for selecting a breeder and puppy in its information page on this topic. It is also very strongly recommended that you read Larry Shook’s The Puppy Report, before you buy a puppy.  The book can be ordered from Amazon.com through our website (click here).

The cost of a pup from a breeder who breeds to the standard, and has AKC registered dogs, who’s eyes have been certified by the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF), and have been certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), for patellar luxation, hips, or elbows, will be higher than one from a breeder who just sells pups they say are Cockapoos. A higher price should reflect the cost of genetically tested parents, warranted for good health, and temperament, with a written sales contract that specifies your options if there is a problem later on.

The pup should be clean and free of fleas, socialized for its age, and have worming and shots up to date. You can also expect written instructions on the care of the puppy and access to the breeder for questions. Responsible breeders will also want to know something about you, your family and the type of environment that you plan for the future. Also they will follow up on all dogs they have sold.  “Bargains” can be found, but you may risk spending thousands at the vet. Most good breeders maintain a deposit list system because the demand so overwhelms the supply.

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