Cockapoo Grooming Tips


It’s natural to be concerned about how best to care for your dog’s coat. Understanding the traits of your dog’s fur can help you maintain it properly. Whether you are a new Cockapoo owner or have lived with your pet for awhile, here are a few things you should know about your Cockapoo’s fur as well as a few suggestions for haircuts that will make you and your dog happy.

Like human hair, a dog’s hair grows on a continuous basis. As such, it must be groomed regularly to keep it looking nice and for those with allergies to gain the benefits of having a nearly hypoallergenic dog. Although it has fur, Cockapoos are generally well-tolerated by people with allergies because it doesn’t shed or disperse dander as much as other breeds.

You have two options when it comes to grooming your dog. You can do it yourself if you feel comfortable and competent enough and your dog has the temperament to sit still for you. Some dogs are unmanageable in this regard, and you may need to go with the second option, which is to seek the help of a professional groomer. If you choose to go this route, or even for your own information, here are a few common haircuts you may want to shape your dog’s fur in.

Summer Cut

This is a simple style that involves cutting the hair to a short uniform length. Also known as the Puppy Cut, this is a low-maintenance look that is great for helping your dog stay cool during hot summers. Be aware, though, that this is not an official breed cut. If you want your dog to have a classic Cocker Spaniel or Poodle cut, then you may want to consider the next two suggestions. To have your groomer give your dog the Summer Cut, tell the person you want a low-maintenance style that will last for a minimum of three months before needing to be cut again.

Classic Cocker Spaniel Cut

If you are showing your dog or you just like the look of classic Cocker Spaniel haircuts, then you want to go with this style. The classic Cocker Spaniel cut involves trimming the body fur short (not as short as the Summer Cut though) but leaving the hair on the head and bottom portion of the legs long. The result is a style that makes your dog look more like a Cocker Spaniel. The disadvantage to this cut is that is must be trimmed more frequently, at least every six to eight weeks. You’ll also need to brush the longer hair on a regular basis to keep it free of tangles and debris.

Teddy Bear Trim

This cut leaves a little more fur on your canine friend and may be best for winter or cool climes. The hair is trimmed to approximately two to three inches long. Like the classic Cocker Spaniel cut, the hair around the face and the bottom of the legs is left longer. This cut also requires regular maintenance to keep it looking cute. You’ll want to get follow up trims about every eight weeks, and will need to brush the dog’s coat to keep it free of dirt and knots.

While you may like your dog to look a particular way, at the end of the day, your dog’s comfort is the most important thing. Keeping that thought in mind at all times will help you choose a good style for your pet. If you are using a groomer, be certain to explain clearly the style you want. Bring pictures to show the groomer if possible, and try to use the same person each time. This will reduce the risk of getting a hair cut you or your dog hate.

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    My cockapoo is 13 weeks old and just started shedding alot all of a sudden. Is this normal? He is a first generation. Does this mean he will always shed?

  2. Suzanne Arsenault says:

    My cockapoo will be a year old soon. I’m wondering if you’d have tips on how to remove tear stains without having to cut them out. I’ve been washing his eyes a few times a day but they are still pretty bad. Any suggestions?

  3. Mark says:

    I remove tear stains with a wad of damp cotton wool. You have to be quite firm but your dog will get used to it. I shouldn’t think it’s any more uncomfortable for the dog than the dreaded scissors!

  4. Amanda says:

    We helped tear stains by changing our dogs food. Most of the reason for the tear stains is that beets are the main ingredient in a lot of dog foods so once we changed we saw a huge difference.

  5. Ed says:

    Our four month old male cockapoo has a white/tan coat about three inches long but his coat lies flat on his back so he is fluffy with a flat inch wide stripe down the length of his back. Ever seen this before? Sure we could have him groomed but we like the fuzzy look. Think his coat will grow out to look more like a cocker? I realize you have not seen the dog but I’m curious to know if you’ve heard of this before. Thank you, Ed

  6. Marcia burdell says:

    I purchased a cockpoo that was six months old and had been verbally abused. I have had her for about one year and she hates men and is very protective of me. My husband died a few months ago and the aggressive behaviour is worse. How do I get this under control?

  7. Tim A says:

    What is the best gentile brush for my cockapoo ?

  8. I use Angel eyes from Amazon my vet told me about it ..they have wipes and stuff you can put over there food I use both ..I buy a bottle of Angel Eyes and pour it over the wipes cuz to me they are not very wet or wet enough and for the supper I take a scoop and put the dry powder over her food she loves the taste and I think it is helping some.

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