Do Cockapoos get on with cats

Cockapoos get along extremely well with other dogs, and cats too. They are highly sociable, and they can be dropped off at the dog park without fear that they are going to get into tussles with other dogs.

Cockapoos will get along great with cats, but it’s usually the cats that will have problems with the Cockapoo. It’s the case sometimes that a Cockapoo will chase your cats, and there might not be anything that you can do to distract your dog from doing this, which will be a problem. The general rumor is that cats will swat and hiss at Cockapoos that get too close or chase them around. However, the Cockapoo will not mean any harm, and he will just be doing it for fun. The cat doesn’t see it that way. It is better if the cats have high places to go to get out of the way of the little dog.

The real problem is that the Cockapoo will often want to play with the cat, and it will not appreciate this unwanted behavior, which can be very frustrating for the cat. You can try to do things like locking the dog out of the kitchen, or keeping it in a cage at night, and it’s not really sufficient for offering the cat the most peaceful life possible.

It’s best if your Cockapoo grows up with your cats, and they can get along together. You might be able to train your dog to stay away from your cat, but your cat will probably still not appreciate the presence of the dog in the house. It can be tough to raise dogs alongside cats, and you are going to have problems with it if they’re not brought up together from a young age.

The surest trick is to bring up the pets together from a young age. Even big wild cats will get along well with dogs if they’re raised together from the time that they’re puppies and kittens, respectively. However, that’s hardly the case or how it turns out. Usually, a person gets a Cockapoo and then they decide they want a cat in later years. Or, they might have had a cat for a long time, and then they decide they want a designer dog or Cockapoo. It can be hard for a person to have two animals if they’re purchased at different times.

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