Do Cockapoos have health problems

Cockapoos don’t have more health problems than other breeds, and this might be something you were worrying about if you were considering purchasing a crossbreed. A lot of prospective pet owners have some serious doubts about procuring crossbreeds because they’re not sure if that means more health problems.

The Cockapoo doesn’t usually incur the many health problems that are associated with purebred dogs. Luxating patella, a disease where the knee starts to get loose and wobble is one of the few conditions that afflict this cute little crossbreed. It is alright to treat this condition with surgery, but the best solution is to do a prevention screening for this condition.

The Cockapoo can also get progressive retinal atrophy, and the retina can deteriorate over a number of years. This health condition can be blindness and vision difficulties. Proper breeding is the best solution for good prevention.

There are a number of secondary health conditions that are associated with this dog too. It has floppy, soft ears, and that is an attribute that makes it a favorite companion dog. However, as with all dogs that have ears like that, the Cockapoo can get ear problems, yeast infections, and bacterial infections. Make sure to keep your Cockapoo’sears in good condition, and clean them weekly, and give them even more attention if ear problems form. There are a number of easy treatments for ear infections. You might want to ask the veterinarian to check out the dog’s ears when you’re visiting.

This dog can also suffer from thyroid conditions like hyperthyroidism, which is the underproduction of the thyroid hormone. Make sure to look out for laziness and hair loss. You can give it treatment with an oral hormone, like daily pills.

The Cockapoo will treat you well if you give it enough attention and take it to the vet regularly. It is an affable and congenial dog, and you should give it daily exercise to mitigate against any possible health conditions. Also, try to give it as good of a diet as possible, like a raw food diet or a grain-free diet, to ensure that it gets the proper nutrition to protect against possible health conditions before they ever begin to develop at all. Your Cockapoo is not immune to all diseases, and even though it’s a sturdy and reliable dog, it will get old, and veterinary visits are mandatory. It’s the best thing for the dog.

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