Do Cockapoos need a lot of exercise

Every dog, no matter what kind of breed it is, or crossbreed for that matter, needs a lot of exercise. For an American, that means one walk per day. It may be considered a lot of exercise if you’re the average American, but if you can’t take your dog out once per day for exercise, then you shouldn’t be getting a dog in the first place. Even though it’s a small apartment dog, and it’s tempting to think that you can leave it alone and not take it outside ever, all dogs need to be walked once daily. Every dog out there needs at least 20 minutes of good exercise each day.

A Cockapoo’s exercise needs will vary by size too. Let’s delve into the different kinds of Cockapoos and their exercise needs.

Teacups and Toy Cockapoos need just a tiny amount of exercise to stay in peak physical shape. A daily walk around the block should do them just right. It will also give them just the right amount of exercise to offer them up a little mental stimulation. Just remember that a Teacup Cockapoo could need to be carried some of the way if it starts to look tired. These little dogs have to work much harder than their Toy counterparts to keep up with the same amount of territory.

Miniature Cockapoos need a ton of exercise to help them burn off all the excess energy they have. They should walk about two to three blocks each day, and they also might like a game of fetch in the yard.

Standard or Maxi Cockapoos require the most exercise out of any of them. If you can handle the challenge, take them out for a little jog. These dogs really like to play, and so if you have time for a game of fetch, then take the time to go out and play it. A well-exercised Maxi Cockapoo is going to make a better companion when it is inside the house resting. It is not a good idea to have a dog that is all pent-up and bored.

Cockapoos don’t need as much exercise as other dogs, but they do need one standard walk per day. If you can’t afford the time to get out there and walk your Cockapoo daily, then you shouldn’t be getting a dog at all. It’s not a good idea to put a dog through that.

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  1. cindi says:

    Do you have any insight to why my one year old black cockatoo
    is going gray? I want to make sure I am not causing this!

    Thank you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have no idea
    Search the web
    Good luck

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