Do Cockapoos need to be groomed

If Cockapoos shed, it is very minimal. The Cockapoo is a mix between the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle, and if it sheds at all, it is hardly noticed. The reason it is hardly noticed is because it has the coat of a Poodle, which has minimal need for maintenance.

Cockapoos do have to be groomed sometimes though. They need to go to the real, professional groomer at least once a year to get clipped. You shouldn’t attempt this yourself unless you’re an expert. Cockapoos need to be groomed every six to ten weeks, depending on the length of time it takes their coats to grow. You will have to get a lot of equipment if you plan to groom at home, like a basic herbal shampoo, towels, slicker brush, nail clippers, ear cleaner, electric clippers, and stiptic powder.

It doesn’t ever hurt to take the dog into a professional groomer, and if you have to choose one, then you should go to one at least once or twice a year. If you are taking a little puppy to the groomer for the initial visit, then make sure that the groomer knows that you are bringing your puppy in, is a patient person, and knows how to work with puppies, and is willing to work with them too.

It’s not a good idea to take your puppy in on a busy day for grooming, which is usually Monday through Friday. These are the days that most housewives go in to take their little Cockapoo companions for grooming. It seems unusual, but going into the groomer on the weekends is actually the best time. The groomer won’t really have a lot of time to devote to your puppy on Monday through Friday. You should try to talk to the groomer personally and make an appointment. Grooming shouldn’t be a bad experience for you, the groomer, or your puppy. Try to get your puppy started grooming early, usually at about 12-16 weeks of age. This is easily the best time to get your dog started because they will develop a sense of being taken in and handled at such an early age, which will carry over into other things that you’re doing to try to socialize your dog.

Any trip to the groomer, veterinarian, or a friend can be a scary thing for your dog, and that’s why it’s a good idea to get it started on it as soon as possible.

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