Some Interesting Facts About Cockapoos


Cockapoos are interesting dogs, and there is so much to learn about them. If you own a Cockapoo or thinking about adopting one into your family, here are a few fun facts about these dogs.

Cockapoos are Mixed Breed Dogs – Cockapoos are mixed breed dogs called hybrids. Unlike mutts whose parentages are usually unknown, Cockapoos are the result of breeding a cocker spaniel with a poodle. The goal is to produce offspring with the best traits of both breeds such as low-shedding coats, sturdy builds, and friendly playful temperaments. Additionally, like mutts, hybrid breeds are usually hardier and less prone to health problems that commonly strike pure breeds.

Cockapoos are Allergy-Friendly Cockapoos have hair, so they are not completely hypoallergenic. However, they are low-shedding dogs and have less dander; therefore, the instances of allergic reactions are minimized. Regular grooming can further reduce the amount of dander and hair the dog leaves around the house and over clothing. All in all, Cockapoos are good pets for people with allergies. Before purchasing the dog, though, it’s important to spend time with it to make sure the animal is safe to be around.

Cockapoos Vary in Size Cockapoos come in different sizes, so you have to be careful when adopting one. Some breeders will only pair small poodles and cocker spaniels to get dogs that weigh no more than 15 pounds. Other breeders specialize in bigger dogs and may pair couples to produce offspring that get as large as 30 pounds. Be certain to ask about the size of the parents when adopting a Cockapoo. If either or both parents are large, expect the pup to grow big as well.

Cockapoos Live a Long Time – Different breeds age at different rates, and the average years a dog will live depends on its size. For example, small dogs live an average of fifteen years while giant breeds last only about eight years. Cockapoos who are well cared for will live anywhere from thirteen to twenty years, so plan on having your canine friend around for a long time.

Cockapoos are Smart – Cocker Spaniels and Poodles are pretty smart breeds, so naturally their offspring would be highly intelligent too. The combination of smart parents, longevity, and natural curiosity lands Cockapoos pretty high on the smart dog scale. Don’t be afraid to train your dog to do tricks or take it exploring. It’s a sure bet he or she will love the mental stimulation.

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  1. when our cockapoo greets us or any one he ‘nips’ and it is bothersome, does anyone know how we can stop him he is a very nice dog and does not realize what he is doing is bad, can you email me if you have any good suggestions

  2. Rick says:

    Put peanut butter on your hands sometimes during the day and let him lick.
    Say ouch loudly if he nips.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have been trying to convince my parents to get me one. This site was very helpful. They are a wonderful dog.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had one as a kid in the 1980’s, and she was the best. She passed away over 25 years ago, and I kept her stuff…to this day, if I open it up and look at it, I cry. I hope to get another one someday.

  5. Sharron Spires says:

    I have a cockapoo.. He will be 2 years old on Oct 1st of this year. He is a BUNDLE of energy, and love. He is full of personality!! He is my first dog, ever, and Im so glad I ended up with HIM. He loves rawhide chew sticks, they tend to keep him busy. He loves to tear paper, he chases my cats, he LOVES to play, and is the JOY of our household. WE love him! If you are considering a cockapoo, I recommend getting one! But be prepared to play a lot, and spend a lot of time with your dog!

  6. J says:

    I own a cockapoo, she is the smartest, most loving dog. She physically responds to all human comands and conversations. Never ran away from home, good but highly jealous with babies, other animals including my bearded dragon. Scared of rain, thunderstorms. I love her like a sister. Highly recommend this dog to a loving family.(:

  7. Veva Silva says:

    I have a Cockapoo sweetie. We love her. I keep wondering about how it’s best to trim her hair in the summer. It grows rapidly and I tend to get her trimmed when the fur grows in her eyes. Is it better to keep it short? I read that dogs who have an undercoat are protected from heat thru that kind of fur, but Cockapoos have hair, so no undercoat, right? What does that mean for trimming? Short or long better in the heat?

  8. My dog was adopted from a city humane society. I saw him first on a video and then had to meet him. I have always owned females but he charmed me when we first met. He is very friendly, smart, protective, intuitive, patient, full of energy. The bond between us could never be broken. He likes to be as close to me as possible. He is able to communicate his wants and needs. God has truly brought us together. He likes to run in circles when I come home. He buries his treats (treasures) but at times he barks at me to find them. It’s like a game and he points in the general direction until I find his bicquits. He guards me when others are present and growls if man gets close to say goodbye. He is most estactic when I’ve been gone a few hours. He’s a bit overweight and that’s because he thinks he should eat the same thing I do, He barks a bit more than he should but I can’t think of a better bread for a senior citizen or a young family. He sleeps very close to me at night and I love him more than I can say.

  9. carol Y says:

    I had my MaggieMae for 13 years she was so smart.Maggie would go out side and bring me my paper. She would get me my slippers. She could do so tricksI reacued a Bichon named Lifo he was 12 years old Life was blined and could not hear. Maggie accepted him right away. All I had to say was get life and Maggie would run to him poke him and bring him im the house.I don’t know if I will get another Cockapoo. It is so hard when I had to put her down
    My prayers are with everyone who lost the best friend

  10. BERNADETTE says:

    Interested in getting a cockapoo puppy and everything I see tells me it’s a great fit for us. Do they bark alo. I’ve seen conflicting info on that.
    We had a schnauzer before this. Lived her BUT the barking was crazy!

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