Immunizations and Worming

Your pup was wormed on ___________ with (brand) to eliminate roundworms. Pup was given (state brand of vaccine and diseases) on________________. Your pup needs to be taken to your vet within a week for a physical exam and a schedule for further immunizations and wormings. Roundworms are the most common type of worms for puppies to have. There are several other types of worms in addition to roundworms, that your vet may want to test for.

The most worrisome disease that is being immunized against is Parvovirus. Ask your vet about its prevalence in your area and for guidance on puppy socialization since exposing your puppy to other dogs can make him at risk to contracting disease.. The reason the pup needs a series of shots, is because antibodies from the mother’s milk interfere with the immunizations effectiveness. The antibodies wane between 8 and 16 weeks and there is no way of telling when that will be in a particular pup. There is likely to be a “window of time” when the antibody level drops and the pup gets his next shot. The pup is susceptible during this window of time, and if exposed may get the disease.

Parvovirus is passed in the infected stools, urine, vomit, and saliva, of dogs harboring the virus, also, it is airborne, is very hardy, and can last in the environment for a year or more.

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  1. Chris Shernit says:

    I am getting a Cockapoo and was told by the breeder that she removed the puppies from the mother at 6 weeks because they nip and bite. She also said “most people like to get a start on Potty training early” therefore the pup can be picked up anytime after 6 weeks. This is contrary to what I have read. What do you think?

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