Puppy Safety

Puppies seem to have a natural affinity for electric wires and telephone cords. You can rub Bitter Apple on the wires and cords if he is around them. It tastes terrible and can also be sprayed on other items that have become a problem. It is also useful on stool if the pup tends to eat the stool. (Very natural for dogs, but disgusting to us). Very soon after getting your puppy, fit him with a buckle type collar and a lightweight 6-ft leash. Collars are only a hazard if they are put on too loosely and the pup can get his jaw caught in it. They should be tight enough so that you can slip only two fingers under it.

Again, praise when he walks even a step with the leash on and he will soon get the hang of it. Once he does, occasionally take the pup out to eliminate with his leash on. Do not push, drag or pull the pup. NEVER, NEVER let your dog loose on city streets, no matter how obedient you think he is. It takes but an instant for even a well trained dog to dash across a street after an irresistible cat and be hit by a passing car.
Several human foods are lethal when ingested by a dog. It would take 2 ounces of Baker’s CHOCOLATE to kill a 20 LB dog. The smaller the dog the less it would take. The same with caffeine as in regular coffee or espresso. ONIONS and their relatives, garlic and chives can also be deadly. MOLDY WALNUTS and ALCOHOL can also be lethal. Seeing your dog drunk and staggering from drinking your beer is not funny or humorous, but most likely will be lethal. Common household plants such as mistletoe, holly, hibiscus, dieffenbachia, ivy, azalea, yew and the runoff from oleander are toxic. Cleaning products, disinfectants, pesticides and rodent killers are toxic if ingested and airborne sprays such as Listerine while wet. Perfumes and colognes, antifreeze, adhesives and glue are toxic and dangerous. Toys with small parts can be a choking hazard and are dangerous as well. Be sure that all members of the family know this.

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