What Toys and Treats to Give Your Puppy

Puppies love soft squeak toys, rawhide bones, sterilized hollow bones in which you can put an elusive piece of meat or peanut butter, cows hooves, tug of war toys, balls and pigs ears. We do not recommend pigs ears as they are costly, too easily and rapidly eaten, adding unneeded protein to the diet. There are differences of opinion about playing tug of war. Some authorities feel that it makes the dog aggressive. The general guidance is to stand up so that you are in the dominant position and so that you can control the game. Occasionally the dog may loose a baby tooth that was ready to come out anyway. Fairly gentle play and letting the dog win is OK. NEVER PULL THE PUP OFF THE FLOOR BY ITS TEETH. As a training reward, small bites of beef jerky or liver treats are good.

Remember that the dog feels just as rewarded by a small piece as he does from the entire stick. Always make the pup do something to earn the treat. Treats of any kind, along with table food, should not comprise more than 10% of the pup’s total dietary intake. i.e., The smaller the dog, the smaller the amount of treats.

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